At Clinica La font, we have for you the best plastic surgeons in Colombia who can give you the figure and shape you have always dreamed off. This is because the most advanced cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques are available at Clinica La Font.

The most popular plastic surgeries performed by the best plastic surgeons in Colombia, either for women or men, are liposuction, liposculpture, abdominoplasty, belly buttom tummy tuck, lipectomy, gluteoplasty, mammoplasty, breast implants or augmentation, breast reduction surgery, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, eyebrow and forehead lifting, mentoplasty, among others.

Clinica la Font Doctores Cirujanos Plasticos Fernando Pedroza y Lina Valero Bogota Colombia lipoescultura abdominoplastia ginecomastia blefaroplastia aumento de senos lifting otoplastia escleroterapia mentoplastia

Dr. Fernando Pedroza and Dr. Lina Valero, very well recognized around the world as one of the most important plastic surgeons in Colombia, offer many state-of-the-art plastic procedures like mentioned above with best results and best techniques. Some of these techniques were created and developed by both of them at Clinica La Font.

Clinica La Font is a Clinic of beauty and care located in northern Bogotá, Colombia, in a five story, smart building with adjoining Hotel Boutique and Medical Spa at your service. Clinica La Font also provides additional accomodations at their rural lodging for full recovery of surgical procedures and also for relax and a peaceful staying.

Men and women “always wish to look better and have a slender figure”. They are constantly searching beauty treatments and surgical procedures to have a harmonized figure and a beautiful look to increase their self esteem and confidence. At Clinica La Font, both Dr. Pedroza and Dr. Valero, two of the most recognized plastic surgeons in Colombia, provide you the best plastic procedures available nowadays with excellent results.

Clinica La Font, one of the best plastic and cosmetic surgery Clinics in Colombia, welcomes you to visit and contact us. Do not hesitate to know two of the most recognized plastic surgeons in Colombia by contacting us today.

For more information about La Font and all about Dr. Fernando Pedroza and Dr. Lina Valero, two of very well known plastic surgeons in Colombia, and all about their practice, their surgical procedure and cosmetic treatments, please click on the link below.


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