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We perform some of the most popular cosmetic and plastic surgery such as abdominoplasty, liposculpture, facial surgeries, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, nose surgery, lifting, breast augmentation surgery, gynecomasty, mentoplasty, sclerotherapy, reduction mammoplasty, among other procedures. Clinica La Font in Bogotá Colombia provides the best cosmetic and plastic surgery around the world.

Abddominoplasty is a medical procedure to temper abdominal muscles and release extra fat concentration in the abdomen. It is performed for women and men and allows for both to improve elasticity in the skin in the abdomen.

At La Font, the abdominoplasty is performed using an exclusively surgical technique developed by Dr. Lina Valero. This technique to perform abdominoplasty promote conservation of anatomical structure of the abdomen by preserving the arterial substitution, venous, nervous and lymphactic vessels of the abdominal wall, giving as result an optimized aesthetic procedure with quick and easier recovery of all patients.

For many women after pregnancy, abdominoplasty is the right answer to have a great and beautiful abdomen. Pregnancy can have as consequence in the abdomen a loss of flexibility and becoming flaccid. Abdominoplasty can correct and release those extra fats which are in your stomach after having a child.

For men, abdominoplasty is also valuable since this is an aesthetic medical procedure to provide the stomach many men have desired. Contact Dr. Lina Valero, one of the best plastic surgeons in Colombia, at La Font for consultation and more information about the abdominoplasty.

If you are interested in getting more information about Clinica La Font and Dr. Lina Valero and Dr. Fernando Pedroza´s private practice, an all benefits of abdominoplasty and many other cosmetic and plastic surgeries, please contact us anytime soon to provide you further details about all our medical procedures.