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Breast enhancement is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries either in Colombia or around the world. At La Font, we currently performance breast enhancement for women who wish to feel themselves confident and comfort about their breast.

A surge of number of petitions of breast enhancement surgery in Colombia, and also around the world, has boomed dramatically in the last years. A breast enhancement is performed to increase breast size by inserting implants to have the breast shape all women have always dreamed off in order to show an harmonic figure.

At La Font Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, besides breast enhancement, we perform with great success some other cosmetic and plastic surgeries such as liposculpture, abdominoplasty, gynecomasty, blepharoplasty, nose surgery, facial surgery, mentoplasty, otoplasty, sclerotherapy, reduction mammoplasty, among other medical procedures.

Among other benefits, and for all women, a breast enhancement makes all women to have a beautiful and harmonic breast to increase their self-esteem and feel confidence. We have performed more than 20.000 successful medical and aesthetic procedures such as breast enhancement, at our complete Facility in Bogotá, with outstanding results which make us as a leader around the world in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

We can offer all our patients besides our medical procedures such as breast enhancement, a Medical Spa and first class Hotel and also rural lodging for full recovery from our cosmetic and plastic surgeries in Colombia.

If you wish to change for better your figure by breast enhancement, come to La Font for a previous consultation and support in this key decision. We help you out based on our expertise, science and exclusively techniques developed by our specialists.

For more information about La Font in Colombia, and all about breast enhancement for all women