La Font is one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia by far. At La Font, we provide the best facial and corporal aesthetic procedures performed by one of the best medical staff around the world leaded by both Dr. Lina Valero and Dr. Fernando Pedroza who works alongside one another to meet all your expectations.

La Font, a cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, provide the best procedures with advanced techniques, some of them developed by Dr. Valero and Dr. Pedroza, such as blepharoplasty, gynecomasty, liposculpture, breast augmentation surgery, mentoplasty, rhinoplasty nose surgery, otoplasty, chieloplasty, lifting, sclerotherapy, botox, forehead lift, nose surgery procedure, among other facial and corporal procedures and cosmetic treatments.

As part of our service, La font as one of best cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, offer in the same five story building located in Bogotá, a Medical Spa and also a first class service and excellent Hotel. Both of them provide a great service to offer our patients relax and a great recovery of any of our medical procedures. We also have a rural lodging for those patients who like to be in a country style for recovery.

At La Font, we have become one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia by performing many successful aesthetic procedures. Our very well professional medical staff has performed many successful procedures which make us as a leader in cosmetic plastic clinics Colombia.

If you wish to have a harmonic body and a beautiful face, come for a consultation in one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, La Font, that you will have for sure, the figure and face you have always desired.

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