Cosmetic surgery clinics ColombiaAmong many of the cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, Clinica La Font your best option for all corporal and facial procedures. Cosmetic surgery procedures have surged dramatically in Colombia and around the world. Cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia such as La Font, provide the best of aesthetic treatments with the highest techniques and science.


Our medical staff led by Dra. Lina Valero and Dr. Fernando Pedroza, is one of the most recognized medical team around the world. At La font, preferred choice among cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, we are a clear leader in aesthetic surgeries for either domestic or foreign patients, including procedures for women and men.


La Font is the best cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia by far. We have the most advanced techniques and science available in our field. Among procedures offered in cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, we perform some of the most popular corporal and facial surgeries such as blepharoplasty, gynecomasty, liposculpture, breast augmentation surgery, mentoplasty, rhinoplasty nose surgery, otoplasty, chieloplasty, lifting, sclerotherapy, botox, forehead lift and nose surgery procedure..

For women or men, if you desire to have a harmonic body and a beautiful face, come visit the leader among cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, La Font, for a previous consultation and a prognosis of the best procedure for you to have the look have always dreamed of.

At cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, such as La Font, we are preferred for more than our aesthetic procedures. We offer a complete range of services which include a Medical Spa and a first class service Hotel. In contrast to other cosmetic surgery clinics Colombia, we also offer rural lodging for complete relaxation and total recovery from your aesthetic surgery.

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